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Snow Basic:
Extended Weekend .
Snow Intermediate:
Apply your knowledge .
Snow Advanced:
More Challenging Terrain
“skills and confidence…”
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Upcoming Events…

ADZPCTKO, 4/25-27/14: Mountain Education will be presenting its annual “Mountain Safety” presentation to the PCT Class of 2014 on Friday, 4/25 and Saturday, 4/26!

PCT NoBo, current class of 2014: Mountain Education is accepting applications for students and 2014 thru hikers to attend one of three, 5-day, Snow Advanced Courses being taught between Cottonwood Pass and Kearsarge Pass! May 2014

PCT SoBo, current class of 2014: Mountain Education wants to be sure that you, too, have the needed tools to get through the steep and slippery snows up north! Take a look at our new Snow Advanced Courses! June/July 2014

Check out our Courses Page for the exact dates of all our Wilderness Skills Course Offerings!

Who we are…

We are a Wilderness School impassioned to teach you how to have safe, fun, and enriching backpacking trips of your own. In our minds, after 47 years of hiking and teaching in the backcountry, there is nothing more therapeutic than a “walk in the woods!” However, there are some things to be aware of before you go….

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