Welcome to Mountain Education for 2018!

Juan Martinez photo IMG_1604 Frozen Lake

Snow Skills Classes:


Snow Basics Course (SBC):
Four Types of Classes!

1-Day Tahoe Clinics:

Feb 24, 25; Mar 24, 25

Weekend Seminars:

Feb 3 & 4; Mar 10 & 11

2-Day Tahoe Overnight:

Feb 10-11; Mar 31-Apr 1

3-Day Tahoe Original SBC:

Jan 13-15, 27-29; Feb 17-19; Mar 3-5, 17-19; Apr 7-9







Snow Advanced Courses (SAC):

1-day SAC/CSL Clinic

Trail/Snow Condition Reports: (click here)

Private Courses: 

  • If you desire focused wilderness education or have a personal schedule that doesn’t work with group instruction, let us know!

“skills and confidence…”


Who we are…

We are a non-profit, public charity Wilderness School that seeks to teach you how to have fun and rewarding year ’round backpacking trips of your own. Common sense stuff to keep you safe out there. Wise tips to get you started, all taught right on the trail. Our specialty and delight is teaching snow-hiking and snow-camping!

Mountain Education’s Mission is to minimize wilderness accidents, injury, and illness in order DSC00831to maximize wilderness enjoyment, safety, and personal growth, all through experiential education and risk awareness training! By taking a course, you not only are guided into pristine alpine settings, but you are taught how to safely do it yourself later!

After 54 years of hiking and teaching in the backcountry, there are few things better than a “walk in the woods!” However, there are some things to be aware of before you go…and that’s where we come in:

Snow Basics!

For winter enthusiasts, if you are interested in snowshoeing out for a little solitude, peace of mind, or even to stay out for the weekend, we offer our famous, Snow Basics Courses that teach you what to buy, how to plan, where to pitch, and why… some even before you leave home!

For 2018, the basic knowledge and skills required for safe and fun snow travel and snow camping will be offered in four different formats for each person’s needs:

The 1-day Tahoe Clinics are for beginners wanting to learn more than just snowshoeing through the woods.

The 2-day, lodge-based, weekend seminars, offered in partnership with the Clair Tappaan Lodge on Donner Summit, allow intimate and fun instruction for small groups on winter wilderness knowledge and safety skills. Ready to explore the snowy backcountry, but not ready to sleep on it? Like the idea of ready-prepared, home-cooked meals, a bed to sleep on, a roaring fire on the hearth, and a hot tub down the hall?

The 2-day Tahoe Overnight teach the “hows and joys” of snow camping in a quick, short distance, basecamp format. This course builds off what you’ve learned on the 1-day clinics and are designed to aleve any worries or concerns you might have about camping and sleeping on snow! IMGP3305

The 3-day Snow Basics Course (SBC) is the “graduate” class that teaches you everything you need to know and do to be safe exploring and camping on snow. If you don’t have the time for separate weekend clinics throughout the winter, but can carve out a 3-day weekend, this is the way to get the basics down and open up your winter backcountry freedom!

Snow Advanced!

If you simply love grabbing the snowshoes and your backpack and escaping the world for a springtime week or two in the High Sierra snow, consider our Snow Advanced Course (SAC)!

This special course of mountain knowledge and skills instruction is focused on showing and teaching you how to calmly overcome both your fears and the hazards common to hiking over early season steep Sierra snow and crossing raging creeks.

This year we will be offering a unique 1-day SAC Clinic taught in the southern Sierra right on the PCT at Chicken Spring Lake! This is the perfect place to teach all hikers these requisite skills right where they first hit snow and before they attempt to cross their first whitewater creek.

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