Welcome to Mountain Education for 2017!

Snow Basics:
Two levels of classes!
Snow Intermediate:
Apply your knowledge .
Snow Advanced:
More Challenging Terrain
“skills and confidence…”
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News & Coming Events…


All wilderness skills courses after June 9, 2017 cancelled due to instructor injury!

PCT 2017 Thru Hikers:

May 4-9, 12-17, 20-25; June 4-8

  • SAC-PTO (SoBo) has been cancelled for 2017 :(

JMT 2017 Thru Hikers:

  • SAC-7 dates!

May 3-9, 11-17, 19-25;     June 3-8

Snow Basics 1-Day Clinics!

Trail/Snow Condition Reports: (click here)

Private Courses: 

  • If you desire focused wilderness education or have a personal schedule that doesn’t work with group instruction, let us know!

Check out our Courses Page for the exact dates of all our Wilderness Skills Course Offerings!

Who we are…

We are a non-profit, public charity Wilderness School that wants to teach you how to have fun and rewarding year ’round backpacking trips of your own. Common sense stuff to keep you safe out there. Wise tips to get you started, all taught right on the trail!

Mountain Education’s Mission is to minimize wilderness accidents, injury, and illness in order to maximize wilderness enjoyment, safety, and personal growth, all through experiential education and risk awareness training! By taking a course, you not only are guided into pristine alpine settings, but you are taught how to safely do it yourself later!

After 50 years of hiking and teaching in the backcountry, there are few things better than a “walk in the woods!” However, there are some things to be aware of before you go….

For the winter enthusiasts, if you are interested in snowshoeing out for a little solitude, peace of mind, or even to stay out for the weekend, we offer our famous, 3-day “Snow Basics Course” that teaches you what to buy, how to plan, where to pitch, and why… some even before you leave home! Read more at Snow Basics Courses.

If you’ve got your snow-hiking and snow-camping down, but lack the confidence to go snow-packing for several days, we can help you overcome your fears and concerns by attending our Snow Intermediate Courses in the Lake Tahoe area.

If you simply love snow-packing in the woods by boot, ski, or snowshoe, but either want to go farther, higher, or longer, consider our Snow Advanced Courses that range from 5 to 10 days where you get to play on the John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails at 11,000 to 13,000 feet in the High Sierra!

For Summer, “Mountain Basics Courses” will get you started toward feeling content on a trail, but from the comfort of a base camp!

“Mountain Intermediate” will show you how to backpack, to walk, see, and do new things on the move every day!

“Mountain Advanced” will make you start believing you could hike something more challenging like the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail!

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