Waterproof-Breathable, the old-fashioned way!
Leather is waterproof by nature of its smooth surface, but once abrased or cut, water can soak through and, regarding boots, get your feet wet over time.
So, after you get your new pair of smooth-out, Limmer hiking boots, treat them to a good soaking with the Limmer Leather Conditioner that both softens, making any break-in period easier, and waterproofs any scratches you may have already put on them.
I walk through shallow creeks all the time and never get wet feet. I teach safe snow travel in my Limmers for 60 days per year and never get wet or cold feet. To make sure my boots remain waterproof, I always carry with me a tub of the leather conditioner and an old toothbrush to apply it with.
Now, the trick is to apply this “grease” onto warm boots in the open sun of midday, whether you’re at home or out on the trail. Every week, I will do this during one of my many pack-off, boots-off breaks to catch a snack and bask in the sun while my feet cool off in a creek.
Use the toothbrush to smear the “grease” into the welts, around the lacing hooks, into the one seam, and over any and all cuts and abrasions – and pile it on, too!
The leather will soak it up so much that, once you’ve worked your way around the shoe and back to where you started, the treated leather will be dry and ready for another coat.
Slather it on, rotate your boots in direct sun to dry all sides and aspects (while you eat your lunch), relace, and you’re good for another week of ping-pong in the granite.
Though this be a time-proven and old-fashioned way to keep your precious feet warm and dry, all I can say is, “it works for me” and has served my feet well for over 50 years!
[photo: going left to right, the first two boots you see are Limmer Lightweights, the first one has been recently coated and the dry, brown one next to it is waiting for its “bath.” The last black one is a Limmer Standard that needs its first conditioning!]
[It needs to be said that neither Mountain Education nor I am sponsored by Limmer Boot. I just trust my life to their renowned comfort and performance.]