“Ned Walks” = “Ted Talks?”
There have been many times when I would have absolutely loved to take a short walk-and-talk with John Muir!
Just to hear and feel his love for the Sierra and all things wild would have been nearly overwhelming for me.
To be able to join him on one of his informal “saunters” and ask him anything, then to listen to his insightful answers, it wouldn’t matter where we went or where we were…it would have been more informative and heart-warming than any “Ted Talk” could ever be, at least for me!
What if you could join me on just such a “saunter” somewhere (for free, of course!)? It’d be a “Ned Walk” where you could join me as I venture along a short trail in the Sierra for the afternoon and we could talk-it-up, tell stories, learn wilderness truths, laugh like mad, and share in the marvels all around us!
Would you be interested in slowly hiking with me for a few hours, if you knew when and where?
I’ve been deployed to Northern California and have my weekends off to go reminiscing along some old dirt paths I’ve long called, “friends.”
Wanna join me?
A “Ned Walk!”
I’m headed out tomorrow afternoon. Who’s coming?
Echo Lake, Desolation Wilderness, trailhead at noon on Saturday (tomorrow), if you can make it!
(Next Saturday may be to the north side of Carson Pass…)