Rules of the Trail

Snow travel is exhilarating and beautiful, but can be hazardous. Therefore, each student must adhere to the following for individual and group safety concerns:

  • No unapproved fires.
  • No unapproved wandering.
  • Always tell someone where you are going and why whenever you leave basecamp (bathroom, water collection, etc.).
  • When traveling, everyone stays together and along a specifically designated route with your instructor in front of your group.
  • For your individual safety and that of your group, conduct yourself as directed by your instructor. Willful disrespect or insubordination to direction will result in immediate expulsion from the course.
  • If any student is in need of assistance, say they are just too tired, it is everyone’s responsibility to lend a helping hand and/or notify the instructor.

Mountain Education is not responsible for accident, injury, or death to students who will not take direction or adhere to the rules of individual and group safe conduct as taught preceding and during the course.

  • There will be at least one night where we will have to camp on snow, so bring adequate sleeping bags and pads to keep you well insulated from the cold.
  • Many days along this stretch can be quite cold, so bring several layers of thermal clothing to include extra socks, gloves and shells, long underwear, pant shells, a fleece hat, gaiters, water-proof boots, and a poncho in case it rains.
  • It is not unusual for us to be hit with a good snow storm, so bring a canister stove with which you can cook inside your tent.
  • A 3-seson tent is sufficient in design to hold snow and high winds at bay. If you question your tent's abilities, email us to talk about bringing it or not.
  • This Snow Intermediate Course is designed to teach you Snow-Hiking Skills so you can extend your summer hiking season from Spring to Fall and eliminate any fears or concerns you might have about walking on or camping in snow for days on end!