At the core of the hiking community is a profound love of all things wild and the shared comaraderie amongst hikers of both the struggle to experience it and the joys felt living in it.

Thus, the “Almost There” is an encouragement amongst hikers to keep going, because those of us who have reached the top know that, after the struggle to gain the mountain pass is over, the joys tasted from the top of the vision ahead will be worth the work to get there.

All of us who have, thus-tasted, want to reach back and help those still in the battle to overcome the strain and attain the glories that lay when victory rests. That is why (I’m sure) Almost There Adventure Podcast publishes their interviews and videos.

We want everyone to overcome their struggles in life with the help of a little secret straight from nature, itself, we have found that by spending more time in wilderness, its solace and healing empowers the intrepid to not just reach the next mountain pass, but to take that victory-lesson to heart and with you everywhere.

So, too, is why Mountain Education, Inc. was created back in 1982 and is being remodeled right now to provide what people need to hit the trails safely and discover this helping hand that the wilderness relationship so willingly lends unto health and happiness. We give of what we have freely received.

Thanks, Almost There Adventure Podcast for choosing me this time to showcase this message!