What is Mountain Education?

We are a wilderness school designed to empower people with the skills and wisdom needed to safely enjoy wilderness and tary there as long as they desire, no matter the season. We do this by educating in print and video, teaching by leadership example and demonstration, and allowing our students to practice under personalized supervision during our wilderness skills training courses of varying lengths.

We teach Summer and Fall backpacking and Winter and Spring snow-camping in three different skill levels, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. None of what is taught requires special personal skills or abilities or teaches anything “technically” demanding. We desire to give our students “the basics” of wilderness safety skills and understandings to set them free to explore the hills on their own thereafter, discovering what “works” for them and how they wish to experience life there.

Our courses are taught along the Pacific Crest Trail in California, Oregon, and Washington. Many of our Basic and Intermediate courses are taught in the vicinity of Lake Tahoe while our Advanced trips head deep into the High Sierra of John Muir’s “Range of Light.”

Our Purpose and Mission:

We believe the more time you can spend immersed in God’s Creation, the more free you will be from the fetters of civilization, the closer you will feel to Him, and the easier it will be to hear His Voice, know His Thoughts, and discover His Father’s Love for you. Learning the practical skills of how to “Play Safe” and “Stay Found” is where you start. This is where we hope to help out!

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