Snow Basic Gear List
This List is to help you quickly compare what you usually carry into the backcountry against what we suggest or require for the “Basic” Snow Skills … Read More
Snow Intermediate Gear List
This List is to help you quickly compare what you usually carry into the backcountry against what we suggest or require… Read More
Snow Advanced Gear List
This List is to help you quickly compare what you usually carry into the backcountry against what we suggest or require… Read More
Stream Crossing Footwear
There is a lot of effort to have as light a pack as one can create and for obvious reasons. However, some of these “reasons” don’t really … Read More

Regarding Other Hiking Concerns…


Why Manning by Mid-September
The research I did by talking with PNW Rangers and Park Administrators indicated that if I didn’t get to Canada by early… Read More
Why Manning by Mid-September, Part 2
Early season snow is “fluff” or “potato soup”, depending on its moisture content. In either case, it is Not the consolidated, able-to-walk-on, … Read More
Navigation and Color Maps
When you aren’t sure where you are in relation to the trail, you know that you’re near it, but you want to know exactly and your … Read More
Following In The Tracks of Others
There is no excuse for not knowing where you are or where you are going, expecially in the … Read More
Footwear For Camp?
For us, the purpose of Camp Footwear is to keep your feet warm and dry while being allowed to “air out” when doing what you do … Read More
Traction Adjuncts For Icy Crusty Conditions
“I’m concerned that I will have to deal with icy trail and snowpack surfaces. Will I need to bring some sort of traction device …. Read More
What To Do When Bad Weather Looms
Common sense tells you to get out of it. You don’t want to add hypothermia, dehydration, or exhaustion to your … Read More
Hiking Poles On Snow?
As we have heard from numerous thru hikers, trekking or hiking poles have helped many accomplish a variety of uses … Read More
Concern 1: Navigation Over Snow
This is not intended as an exhaustive effort on a subject that can only be fully understood through on-snow practice, but, rather… Read More
Concern 2: Getting Water Safely
I want to be fairly clear, here, even though you are hiking over Spring snow in the High Sierra, getting water for cooking … Read More
Concern 3: Snow Hazards To Watch Out For
As you leave Kennedy Meadows and head on up toward the High Sierra snow pack, there is usually a lot of hype and anxiety about … Read More
Concern 4: Cooking Within
For all of our summer, winter, and international backpacking, we have always cooked inside our double-walled tents … Read More
The Most Common Fear
The most often heard snow fear is, “I’m going to get wet and cold!” First of all, layering solves much of this. Daily thermal management, controlling your temperature while you …. Read More
PCT Starting Date and Fear
At Mountain Education we train hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts how to prepare for and safely conduct their own backpacking …. Read More
Let’s Talk Snowshoes in the Spring Sierra – or Not
Snowshoes effectively broaden the size of your shoe capturing sufficient snow underfoot to hold your … Read More
Boots, Creeks and Pre-Hikes
I hiked the PCT and CDT with full leather, heavy boots and never had a complaint. In SoCal and NM, I never felt the heat through … Read More
Crampons and Ice Axes in the Spring Sierra
OK. Lets cover this one: As you know, we spend all winter and spring on the backcountry snow in the Sierra from Tahoe … Read More
To Tent or Not to Tent
Whether you decide to carry a tent, a tarp, or nothing at all, is your personal choice based on your assessment of the consequences … Read More
Snow Concerns In General
If you are worried about hiking in snow, you’ve got the right attitude! Be cautious, educated, trained, and experienced before you … Read More
Why Boots?

Feet are a very personal issue. Everyone has different versions.

Read More

Getting ready for the long-trail: physical conditioning
It is wonderful that the Pacific Crest Trail or any other long-trail is so attractive to so many, but to consider hiking it end-to-end in one … Read More
 2015 NoBo/SoBo Snow AdviceWhether we have another “light” winter or finally get a serious dumpage of snow that the western states so badly need, somewhere along the trail you will bump into snow… Read More

Topic Teachings:

(from the coming book,  “Snow-Hiking and The Pacific Crest Trail“)


  1. Creek Crossings

Most aspiring PCT thru hikers imagine a snow covered trail to be the dreaded obstacle of their journey, but the greater menace is the dangerous force of water encountered  while wading through high-thaw creeks!

They can be avoided, hiked around, dry-crossed over, or flipped past, but the big question is “What’s it all about?” This chapter will cover all this and much more! Enter this Teaching

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