Snow Skills Courses, 2017

87790002Snow Basics Course (SBC):

  • If you want to feel confident camping and hiking on snow, this is where you start.
  • While on a simple 3-day weekend snowshoe basecamp trip, you are shown and taught all you need to know and do to play safe and stay found in the winter environment through daily clinics from the door of your tent!

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DSC_0120Snow Intermediate Course (SIC):

  • If you are a backpacker who wants to start your summer season “early,”
  • If you have been a little leery of slipping on snow, getting wet and cold, or finding your way along a buried trail,
  • These 7-day, springtime, mini-PCT-thru-hikes apply the knowledge and skills you learned at your Snow Basics basecamp into a typical, daily-moving, medium-altitude, backpacking-styled outing over the challenges of both dry-trail and snow!

Who says you can’t start backpacking in May?

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DSCF1192Snow Advanced Courses (SAC):

  • Ok, so you want to feel comfortable on springtime steep snow, be safe while crossing swollen creeks, and know that you’re confident at higher altitudes!
  • For all current and future long-distance thru hikers (NoBo/SoBo PCT, CDT, and JMT) or anyone else who needs to learn their steep snow skills.
  • We offer 3, 6, 7, and 12-day SAC courses¬† to show you how to hike over consolidated snow, teaching the critically-needed steep snow-hiking skills you’ll need to remain confident amidst the challenges of the white environment!

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