The Wilderness in all its Glory

This title may seem contradictory to some, while to others it is perfectly understandable. It’s all in the
way the mind processes words. “Wilderness” can be a place of quiet retreat, peaceful stillness, and
expanse of time or it can be a place of grievous loss, desperate fears, frightening confusion, and deep

In the wilderness experience of our mind, we can choose which way we want to see the circumstances
of our life. If we find ourselves lost in a maze of overwhelming demands which seem to turn us every
which way, we can either give in to these various expectations while sinking deeper and deeper into the
sands of the desert that pull us downward with every step or we can choose (now that’s a powerful
word) to take control by giving ourselves permission to see the beauty of the desert

Each maze offers us opportunity to discover new ways of appreciating life and all it offers. If we open
our eyes to behold what is right in front of us, if we were to pay attention to the sights and sounds
presented in the wilderness times of life, we would be amazed at what new things we might see in the
midst of the darkness of our soul
. We can take every dark cloud of adversity and find within a shower of
blessing ready to be poured out upon us.

In the days of God’s people being led through the wilderness desert by Moses, they were being loved by
God and provided for by him daily, and yet they complained, never realizing what wondrous intentions God
had toward them.

Only one man knew and understood what God was preparing for those he loved. So while you are
traveling the road of life among the throng of humanity, wil
l you be the one who will come to know and
recognize what God’s purposes are and see the glory of the wilderness.? You can choose.

Theresa Lisanti Ministeries

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