The Storm


The day started out as any other ordinary morning. I showered, let the dog out, and put on the coffee. With one exception, although it was Sunday, the TV repairman was expected sometime between noon and 4:00pm.

My hopes that he would come close to noon were fulfilled when he arrived shortly before 1:00pm! My son was here to support whatever might be needed by the repairman, as well as doing some mending of the outdoor fountain and the planting of the red barberry bush outside. That was the beginning of my day.

After both men had completed their particular tasks and left the house, I was on the phone having a conversation with one daughter and not long after I had hung up the phone, another daughter called and I found myself engaged in another kind of conversation, during which time the storm that had been predicted showed its fury.

Lightning began to flash in brilliant white strikes that seemed to cut right through the sky and the roaring, rolling thunder that followed seemed to echo the voice of God, calling us to look up and see the power of our God. The thunder cracked so hard as to split the heavens wide open and its promise of rain made one know that it would be a hard, cold torrential outpour.

The promise was demonstrated just a few minutes later as the hard and heavy outpouring of rain fell, pelting the streets with such force and creating bubbles of water that decorated the street with its patterns. The wind swept the rain toward the house in which I live and as I observed from the balcony overlooking the wet streets, it looked like a mini ocean with the waves of water spilling over and over again and the day had changed.

What had begun as usual became unusual in the few minutes of the deluge that seemed to carry a message. Not only can the time of day change in just a minute, but our very lives can change in the same way. Life may go on as usual on a daily basis, then all of a sudden the heavens open and the loud claps of thunder call our attention and the lightning strikes emphasize its direction!

The thunder seems to deal with our hearing the voice of God, while the lightning speaks of seeing his white, glorious presence in our midst. In an instant of time, in the middle of the great storm of our lives, He seems to say, “This way, to the right. This is the way to go!”

He punctuates his word by the deluge of rain that cleans the atmosphere that was heavy with the responsibly of the day so as to make way for the latter rain that will contain the fullness of his power that will be poured out upon the earth in the midst of its darkest day   A rain of the Spirit that pours out on all mankind, to empower those of us who receive it by just standing under it and allowing the power of God to direct our lives, so that we can be relived of the heavy weight of responsibility and live joyously in the knowing of his helping us to bear the burdens or tribulations of life.

What July 25, 2014 presented to the natural eye is as an abject lesson to see what is presented to the eye of the spirit. Even as the rain slowly decreases in its violence, the trees swing in the breeze of the wind of the spirit, whispering to us to stand just like they do in place, not giving in to the destruction that may occur because of the deluge, but instead standing in place, roots firmly planted, they shall not be moved.

The sky had turned was grey. The mountain seems to be in shadow, and yet the eye of the Spirit can see the Son who is still shinning beneath and behind it all.

The perceptive eye will see glimmers of light peeking out between the cover of clouds that intrude upon the gray and murky sky, and these glimmers of light are proof that the ”Son” is shining behind them and even through them as they part to open up to the warmth of the sun that seems to evaporate their existence.

Tell me if you can, when you listen and look at the conditions of our world, swirling  around in all the darkness of the filth of man’s mind that has used our earth as a rubbish heap, see a place in which he disposes all his garbage. Or can you see beyond the darkness of evil and see the world that God created with the Command, “Let there be Light”?

The light came into the world to overcome the darkness and darkness must always give way to the light. The night must always make way for the day. The sun will always shine until the daylight envelopes darkness completely and there will be no more darkness.

We can chose to live in the darkness of man’s intellect and environment or we can believe to live in the light of God’s wisdom and truth which are to be found in the spiritual environment of his word. We can choose to acknowledge his word is truth and finally we can choose to live in the light of his word, escaping the darkness once and for all time and eternity.

Theresa Lisanti Ministeries,

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