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So, you want to:

  • Thru-Hike the Pacific Crest or John Muir Trails, but you’re not too familiar with snow or creek safety?
  • Snow-Hike something a little more challenging than the SBC course?
  • Get into the High Country early and start exploring on consolidated snow?

This Course is for you!


What is a Snow Advanced Course (SAC)?

This is an opportunity to learn how to safely snow-hike on steep and slippery terrain, on conditions that would be closed and unsafe to the average summer backpacker.

It is designed to show you what the Sierra high country looks like when buried under consolidated, spring snow and teach you the requisite snow and creek crossing skills that will enable you to get around with savvy and confidence!



Snow Advanced Clinics!


New for 2018:

The BAMM! class


This safety clinic is for anyone in need of their snow & creek safety skills!

  • NoBo PCT thru hikers coming up from Mexico
  • SoBo PCT thru hikers wanting training, then going to Canada to hike south
  • NoBo JMT thru hikers just getting going
  • SoBo JMT thru hikers wanting training, then going to Yosemite to hike south
  • CDT hikers knowing they’re going to be dealing with steep snow and crazy creeks
  • High Sierra Trail early-season backpackers heading north, then west
  • All backpackers entering the Sierra during the thaw not knowing what to expect

This class will be offered at Chicken Spring Lake (CSL) right on the Pacific Crest Trail from mid-April to mid-July or as long as dangerous snow and creek crossing conditions continue to exist in the High Sierra.

The BAMM! class is also structured to allow the general public to donate to it so applicants can attend without payment! See the full course description for details!

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SAC 6-day, the PCT classic!

Chicken Spring Lake, over Forester Pass, and out Kearsarge Pass

(Not offered for 2018)


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