SBC 1-day Tahoe Clinic Gear List:


These clinics are designed to be fun and simple to prepare for, so bring to class:DSC_3562




Long underwear or equivalent (tights, etc.)

Insulative pants (for cold days); Normal pants (for warm, spring days)

Waterproof pant shells (waterproof/breathable is ok)

Synthetic upper tee shirt or equivalent

Insulative upper layer or equivalent

Optional thicker insulative upper layer (down sweater/jacket for women)

Down parka or equivalent (for when we are taking lunch on a cold, windy dDSC00856ay)

Waterproof jacket shell (waterproof/breathable is ok)

Insulated gloves (cold day); liner gloves (warm, spring day)

Knit/Insulated/Fleece hat or equivalent (cold day); Wide-brim/baseball cap (warm, spring day)

Tall gaiters for over your snowshoe boots (if your boots are tall, anyway, no need)

Extra gloves and socks




A liter or two of electrolyte-filled water (bring a liter of regular water if having a hot lu87790001nch)

Quick snacks, bars, gorp, fruit, etc. (whatever you like that can be handy)

Main Lunch meal: sandwiches, hot lunch (bring stove, fuel, etc.), crackers, cheese, meat, etc.

Knife or multi-tool

Spoon, fork (as needed)






GPS (as needed per topic)

Topo map of area87800009

Loud whistle

Dark glasses that fit the face

First Aid kit

Carson Pass Sno-Park Info

Ca Sno-Park Permits (Day Use)




Toiletries: TP, wipes, carry out zip-lock, lighter, hand sanitizer

Lip balm, skin cream, sunscreen




Snowshoes (any brand, rental or owned, will do. We like MSR)

Insulated snowshoe boots (“Snopac” boots of various brands, other insulated winter boots, or rental snowboard boots)

Adjustable poles with snow baskets87760023

Day Pack (that fits and can take weight comfortably)

Chains for the car (as needed)

Sit-pad (something to put down on the snow to sit on during lunch)

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