Footwear For Camp?

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Footwear For Camp?

For us, the purpose of Camp Footwear is to keep your feet warm and dry while being allowed to “air out” when doing what you do when in camp.

We obviously spend a lot of time in the snow, so what we use are down booties (extremely light, warm, and pack small). These allow us to wander around in the morning with our coffee firmly in hand enjoying the sunrise while the stove merrily cooks away in the tent, all the while the feet are warm and dry and allowed to relax, being not in a firm shoe space. And they are tall enough to shed any soft snow that might try to fall into them when we post-hole shallowly in the warming snow.

If your feet are tough enough, it is anytime other than snowy, and you don’t mind the sharp pokes of sticks or granite, surely go without altogether. The idea is to protect your feet while allowing them to air out around camp. Great in the snow; maybe not needed in the summer.


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